The hummingbirds theme features these vibrant, flittering, gems of the avian world, flying among flowers against a bright blue sky littered with clouds. Clients can choose the exact colors and types of birds, flowers, and plants should they choose, or allow us to surprise them with a variety of these fascinating birds flying and playing among colorful and exotic-looking plants and flowers.

With such a wide variety of these creatures to choose from, combined with the wide range of diffent plants, this theme lends itself to any type of wood furniture, both those we build in our studio, and the pieces available to us from commercial suppliers. Aromires, wardrobes, dining tables, and other large pieces are especially striking when adorned with this theme.

To browse the examples we have in this theme, click the arrow buttons, or click on the green square (refresh your browser if there are no squares below the slideshow). If you wish to order one of our custom painted works of functional art, or to inquire for more information on this theme, or any of our works of functional art, simply submit our Contact Form.

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