painted armoires

Armoires and wardrobes are perfect for painting, with large, flat surfaces that give plenty of room for detail. All of our themes work very well with the drawers and doors, and the interiors are normally painted as well, with wrap-around scened, solid colors, and more. A wide array of knobs and drawer pulls are available to these pieces, and can be custom made to our client's needs. We hope you enjoy the many designs. color schemes, and themes we have to offer. No two of our creations are ever exactly alike, making each of our painted armoires a unique creation that can be enjoyed for years to come.

A number of commercially produced armoires and wardrobes are available to our studio; with single and double doors, drawers, and a combination of the two. Simply use our Contact Form for available designs, dimensions, and other information. We can also custom build armoires to our xlient's specifications and dimensions, to create a striking and colorful addition to any room.

Due to their large size, these pieces have special shipping requirements. For further information, please consult our Info section.

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