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The Reincarnations Painted Furniture Website was created in 1997 by Michael Vain, who began learning the rudimentary elements of HTML and web design. Since that time, the website has evolved to become a joint artistic venture between Michael, and his wife Michelle, who continue to hone their graphic and technical skills.
Since its creation, the Reincarnations website has earned web awards from several sites. As the website, and Reincarnations, continues to evolve, we will add any accolades we earn here.

awards 2004-2005

havenrich web award
Awarded: September, 2004 For ease of navigation and overall design.
Lindas Signature Award
Awarded by Linda's Signatures, 2004
Linda's website award 2005
Awarded: September, 2005
artspace award 2005
Awarded 3-9-05

for originality, overall design and appearance,
ease of navigation, and content.

web awards 2007

vsda web award graphic
VSDA Web Award Nominee, 2007
artspace 2000 award 2007 graphic
Awarded 10-15-07

for web site design, creativity, and ease of navigation.
bronze website award

Bronze Website Award - 2007

awards 2008

timelines award nominee badge
Timelines Award Nominee - January 2008 award nominee badge
FunTyme.Net Award Nominee

January 2008
awards 2010-2011

timeline site of the year award graphic
Timelines Site of the Year Award 2010

Awarded January 15, 2011
Reincarnations - Painted Furniture & Other Artistic Creations

Evaluator: F. Hornischer, owner of Timelines Future Award.
Reincarnations was named to reflect the transformational nature of the artistic process. Thought is changed into a physical reality, and the materials used in that process undergo a physical change as well, becoming something new, a manifestation of will. This concept fits perfectly with the artwork shown. Come and visit the magic art of Michael Vain and his partner Michelle Rose. On his site 'Reincarnations' Michael Vain uses wonderful colors, an easy navigation, and he has created a beautiful design and layout. The site is made with a W3C valid code and css. The main navigation is on the left side, with additional submenus, and a navigation at the bottom of every page. The interested visitor can read all about the artist and his partner Michelle Rose, the mission of the Reincarnations Studio, and the art.
All items are presented with illustrating pictures. The pieces of hand painted furniture are really avantgarde. Have a look at Mermaid's Treasure bed, the Tropical Reef armoire, the Dreamers Moon bench, painted chair designs, treasure chests, all kind of furniture are extraordinary indeed, you will see nowhere else. Michael Vain and Michelle Rose show painted furniture items with paintings which have a magic flair that could be from one of those magic Harry Potter movies.
I would like also to take my dinner at one of the artists' designed dining tables, and have my computer placed on a colorful desk. All items have also wonderful names like 'Dream Castle', 'Tropical Reef', 'Spring Meadow' and so on. New pieces are always added to every page. Every item shown you can see also in a full view. Quotes of Einstein and other great thinkers complete the presentation. All items you can see also in a gallery, and there is a link to a news and blog site. Congratulations, the site 'Reincarnations' wins Timelines Future Award in the Category 3 "Future Art"- a website showing future art that will exist for many years.
timeline future awards graphic
Timelines Future Award

Awarded on May 23, 2010

awards 2009

phonix awards
Phonix Award Progam

Awarded on the 22.June 2009
Thank you for applying for my Award ! I enjoyed the opportunity of reviewing your site *Reincarnations - Painted Furniture & Other Artistic Creations*, and wish to congratulate you for the very well job you have done ! This is a wonderful site with hand painted, one of a kind furniture and crafts and many other gifts. Yours goal is to do more than simply create a piece of painted furniture, but to create a work of functional art. That brings more happiness and inspiration to others. Functional art for fun people of all ages. Painted furniture, murals, and more !
It it's been a pleasure visiting your art site and thank you for making such a positive contribution to the internet. It is my pleasure to award you with our Phönix Award in Silver and thank you for your interest in our Awards Program. Congratulations again on such a fine web site.
Regards, Franz Boigner
Awarded on the 22.June 2009
Phonix Award Progam

artspace 2008 award
ArtSpace 2000

Web Award Winner

January 27, 2009
"Congratulations! You have won the "World Web Award of Excellence" for web site design, creativity, and ease of navigation. Keep up the good work." award

Silver Web Award Winner

January 31, 2009 Award
Awarded 3-25-09 by

The Butterfly Site
My Reflections Silver Award
Awarded 3-27-09 by

My Reflections
The Nature Company Store Award
Awarded 3-25-09 by

The Nature Company Store

As we continue to evolve our technical and artistic skills, we will add to this page for future awards we may earn, including any show awards we may earn in our exhibitions.

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