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Setbacks and Heartbreak pt. 2

There are setbacks, and then there are setbacks. All of us face crisis; mine seem to come every couple of years, but never have I faced the intensity, the sheer gravity, of so many crisis-level stress-inducing events happening at the same time before. Nor have I ever had to deal with someone so determined to make my life the opposite of what I wanted it to be before.hence the gap in posts. I am back, however, and have added the first new page to the site in awhile. I will continue to produce whatever art I can, and to update the site content, as best I can as I once again deal with pitfalls of life. Meanwhile, the search for a new studio continues. I have added the first new content to the site in over a year. Bonus points will be given if you can guess where – just kidding. There is no points. But our Murals page looks great!

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Setbacks and Heartbreaks

Just when I thought I had found us a new home and studio, when I thought everything was going to finally settle down and I could get back to work, when I thought I would finally manage to enjoy the fruits of my 60-70 hour work weeks (i.e. a stable home for my wife and little girl), I was dealt yet another blow.
Those familiar with my life know that it has been turbulent. I have had to give up several homes due to personal difficulties involving my relationship with my wife and one-time Reincarnations artist, Michelle, and this has happened yet again. I will spare my watchers the details, although I can say that it is now apparent that the former and present turmoil is a pattern of behavior of which I have been a victim for the past six years, a pattern that has included intense emotional abuse that culminated on more than one occasion in the loss of my home and being separated from my precious little girl.
At this point in time, my entire future, as well as my daughter’s, is uncertain. I have been struggling for the last six years to restore some sort of stability into my life, and secure a future for myself and those I care for, and this has once again been thrown into chaos. I will do my best to keep updating the status of my artistic endeavors, despite what life has chosen to throw at me.
It is my hope that I can secure a brighter future for both myself and my little one, but beyond that, I have no idea what the future may have in store. I ask for your prayers and good wishes going forward, and hope that I can finally break free of the troubles that have plagued me for nearly a decade.
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A Work In Progress pt 2

We are continuing to rebuild the Reincarnations Painted Furniture website as quickly as possible. Please forgive us for the broken links, as we currently have limited time for web design. More pages will continue to be added until we have galleries of all our completed pieces, as well as Info and Decor sections. Stay tuned – a new site and new artwork are on the way!


A Work in Progress

As you have probably noticed, there are quite a few missing sections and pages on our site. Please bear with us as we rebuild our site. WordPress is a somewhat slower process than straight coding, in my opinion, as the work is all done online, as opposed to coding the pages first and uploading the finished pages remotely. With less time these days for design, the site may take some time to complete, but the end result will be worth it.
Work on our future studio also continues, and we will soon be able to create new works of hand painted furniture goodness.
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Website Revision 2017

It has come time (finally) to upgrade our site.  This is mainly an experiment, a change-over to a WordPress-based platform in an attempt to please the Google Search Gods.  It is clear from my study of the ever-changing world of Search Engine Optimization and it’s effects on search results, that the blogging platform was much favored by the search engines.  Thus, rather than attempt to merely skin the blog to look like the rest of the site, I decided to redo the entire site using their framework.

After several months of tinkering with different aspects of the site, such as custom headers, images, and fonts, contact forms, image sliders and style sheets, I have become confident that I can maintain the original functionality and overall look of the site, while also making it more search engine friendly.

Also, I really really like web design, and revising the site on a regular basis allows me to keep learning new things.

I hope everyone likes the finished result.  With any luck, I’ll be able to revise the site in the coming days  (and possibly weeks, considering my work schedule) in such a way that it will look good on multiple devices and browsers, something any web designer worth their salt should be capable.  So visit us often and update those bookmarks!