Drawing the Moon

Drawing down the moon, or drawing down the goddess, is a ritual practiced by followers of certain Wiccan traditions, one that is based on ancient practices by the Thessailians. In this ritual, women attempt to reconnect with the feminine aspect of the Divine, symbolized by three phases of the moon.

The color scheme for our Drawing Down the Moon theme is comprised of metallic blues, a darker blue-purple of the night sky. Pearlized pinks are often used to border the main scene, depending on the type of furniture, with paler blues and flesh tones, as well as dark greens for the silouetted plants surrounding the main figure.

To browse the examples we have in this theme, click the arrow buttons, or click on the green square (refresh your browser if there are no squares below the slideshow). If you wish to order one of our custom painted works of functional art, or to inquire for more information on this theme, or any of our works of functional art, simply submit our Contact Form.

Sculpture is the art of the hole and the lump. -Auguste Rodin (1840 - 1917)
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