celestial themes

Celestial images have been with us since man first looked into the sky. The heavenly bodies orbiting in the skies above have capitvated and intrigued humankind throughout its long history, a history we are learning stretches back further than once thought. Representations of the sun, the moon, stars, and planets, have even appeared in cave paintings. showing how important these bodies were to the cultures of the planet throughout history, both as a means of understanding celestial events, to the passing of seasons, to spiritual belief systems.

We capture all these and more in our own unique style, using rich, vibrant colors and dramatic compositions to bring these ancient symbols and images to life. We have expanded the concept to include images of deep space, and even the surface of alien worlds, perfect for lovers of everything celestial, from astronomers to science-fiction afficionados.

We have listed the celestial themes we currently have available below. Click any of the images or links below to view further examples of each theme. We will be adding more variations to this popular theme as they are completed, so be sure to check back with us often. If you wish to order a custom painted work of functional art, or wish to get more information on our prices and furniture, simply submit our Contact Form.

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