painted benches

Chests are a great way to add storage space to a room, while adding functionality and design. We can transform a normal chest into a painted treasure box - a place to store blankets, keepsakes, even toys - in a colorful accent piece that is sure to be the focal point in the room.

All our themes can be painted on any style of chest. the large flat aress provide ample space for painting, while different styles provide inspirational design elements that can be heightened by the use of color. In addition to our many themes, we can match the color scheme or decor of any room for our clients, and can create a unique work of functional art to our client's wishes.

We can also custom-build most styles of chests in our studio, per our client's specifications, in terms of style, dimenssions, and hardware, all for a cost comparable with commercially produced furniture. To inquire for more information, or to order a painted chest for yourself or a loved on, simply use our Contact Form.

As with other pieces of furniture of similar size and weight, these pieces may have special shipping requirements, depending on dimensions. For further information, please visit our Info section.

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