painted children's furniture

Children love bright colors, interesting shapes, and pictures that tell a story, all of which can be found on our painted children's items. We can turn plain wood furniture into exciting, colorful works of fun, functional art that can be enjoyed for years.

Many of our themes are designed around children, and children at heart. Nursery rhymes, tales from folklore, children's songs and characters. all can be brought to life on a variety of children's furniture, from tables and chairs, to kid's rockers and stools, even wood rocking horses. Give your children a unique work of painted furniture they can cherish for years, and pass on to their own children one day.

Like all our painted furniture, our painted children's items can sbe personalized in any number of ways, with children's names, those of favorite relatives, birthdays, and more! To inquire for more information, or to order any of our painted furniture, simply submit our Contact Form.

Due to the wide difference in sizes, dimensions, and weithts of the different children's items, some pieces may have special shipping requirements. For further information, please visit our Info section.

All art is an imitation of nature. -Seneca
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