Dream Castle

Our Dream Castle theme was originally designed as one of our Children's themes, but can be equally enjoyed by those of all ages. This theme transforms a piece of furniture into a fantasy castle, complete with colorful inhabitants. Princes, princesses, and a host of creatures, both real and imaginary, cavort and play among the arches, pathways and gardens in this theme.

The Dream castle theme features soft blues and grays in a faux stone texture for the main body and background, surrounded by a blue sky. Darker blues, greens, browns, terra cotta and gold are typically used as accents. The various characters, animals, and flora within the Dream Castle are painted in bright, vivid colors. This theme is perfect for children's furniture, such as nightstands, dressers, and toyboxes, and can be enjoyed equally by both the young and young at heart.

To browse the examples we have in this theme, click the arrow buttons, or click on the green square (refresh your browser if there are no squares below the slideshow). If you wish to order one of our custom painted works of functional art, or to inquire for more information on this theme, or any of our works of functional art, simply submit our Contact Form.

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