Our poppies theme is popular with all age groups, and features large blossoms painted over the entire piece.

This theme makes use of bold, blended colors for the blossoms of the large pansies comprising the theme, with a solid background color (most often black or dark blue), often dotted with a contrasting color. As with all our floral themes, the colors of the blossoms may be solid or multi-colored, and may be chosen by the client. Blooms may be of one color, a blend, or a variety of hues.

To browse the examples we have in this theme, click the arrow buttons, or click on the green square (refresh your browser if there are no squares below the slideshow). If you wish to order one of our custom painted works of functional art, or to inquire for more information on this theme, or any of our works of functional art, simply submit our Contact Form.

Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature. -Cicero
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