children's themes

At Reincarnations Painted Furniture, we strive to appeal to both the young, and the young at heart. Many, if not all, of our themes can be enjoyed equally by those of all ages, but we also have themes that are designed especially for younger children.

Rich colors and bold shapes can capture the imaginatiuon, and turn an ordinary room or piece of furniture into a place for adventure and creativity. Personalized children't furniture also make wonderful gifts that can be treasured for many years. As with all our work, each of our painted furniture works are painted to order to our client's specifications.

We have listed some of our children's themes below. Simply click any of the images or links to view further examples of each theme. More variations to this popular theme will be added as they are completed, so check back with us often. If you wish to order a custom painted work of functional art for your child or a loved one, or wish to get more information on our prices and furniture, simply submit our Contact Form.

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