lyrical themes

There are many sources of inspiration, and inspiration, when translated into words, art, and music, serve to inspire others. There have been many artists, musicians, and writers that have inspired us in our work, as they have many others, and we bring those quotes to life with hand painted quotes and lyrics, paired with images and patternx to produce a truly unique work of functional art.

Great poets, writers, and artists of all types have put their wisdom into words, and we capture them in our unique style in this theme. Quotes by luminaries like Oscar Wilde, Emerson, Longfellow, are more are captured in this theme. When turned into a work of functional art, they can serve to inspire us every day, while bringing color and whimsy to to ones decor.

The available variations for this theme are listed below. Clicking on any of the images below will take you to further examples. More variations to this theme will be added as they are completed, so check back with us often. If you wish to order one of our custom painted works of functional art, or wish to get more information on our prices and furniture, simply submit our Contact Form.

Beauty is but the sensible image of the Infinite. Like truth and justice it lives within us; like virtue and the moral law it is a companion of the soul. -George Bancroft
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