On February 7th, 2014, we welcomed our little miracle child, Savannah Rose, into the world. This past Tuesday, she turned three years old, and every day with her is a learning experience, and an opportunity for joy and satisfaction for raising such a beautiful little girl. I marvel at her ability to find both happiness and contentment in the smallest, most simplest of things, something we sometimes forget how to do as adults; sometimes between working, paying bills, and taking care of what needs to be done, we lose track of how to be happy, and I am blessed to have someone there to remind me that it’s okay – things will happen the way it is supposed to happen, and that I should spend more time living in the moment, that I should just slow down, and enjoy the simple things in life.
Although she does tire me out on some days, my little Savannah also brings excitement and a wonderfully positive attitude into my life, both things that have at times been severely lacking at times. So, while she does wear me down, she also keeps me young, and allows me to see things from a younger perspective.
So, for all these things, I would like to just say thank you, little one, for bringing so much into my world. Daddy will always love you, and I although I can’t wait to see the woman you become, I hope it takes its sweet time getting here, because you are perfect just the way you are.


Some big things are in the works for us this year. 2017 will mark our 30th anniversary as a creator of painted furniture and other whimsical functional art! Parties will be had, and yes, wine will be drunk in celebration. We have grown in so many years over that time, and have endured much to continue the pursuit of our artistic vision. I have changed homes and studios several times, watched the departure of one partner only to find the love of my life, and watched her blossom into an amazing artist, and had our family grow with the birth of our daughter. We’ve created new works, stretched our creative boundaries, and honed old skills to new levels. We’ve also faced our share of setbacks, and for all those reasons, we will spend this year celebrating our continued vision whenever possible.
We plan on creating enough work throughout the year to once again attend juried contemporary art shows along the East Coast. We have been working toward this goal for some time now, and I feel that we are finally on our way to establishing a show schedule once more. Painting furniture is a tome consuming enterprise, made all the more difficult when our studio is in transition. This is one more area in which we are striving to improve upon in the coming year.
We will soon have painted examples for two more of our themes, as we are currently working on new painted furniture projects, and will feature photos of them as the work progresses.
We hope everyone has continued success and happiness in the coming year! Visit us again soon for more details, news, and photos!


Today’s painted furniture photo of the week is an angle view of our Whimsical Wildflower Chair commission. Each of our works of functional art are custom painted to please our clients, making them unique works of functional art.

Angle View

Each of our painted furniture creations take many hours of exacting work to deliver the level of detail and clean lines associated with our work, but the results are well worth it.

Welcome 2017!

We’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and the best wishes for 2017.
The past year was not a particularly joyful one for many. We lost a good number of talented people, and many innocent people suffered, due to both natural and man-made events. It is our wish that the New Year will bring about positive changes for the world, and hope that more people will share and act on that desire.
Here at Reincarnations, we hope to accomplish a great deal creatively. We are actively seeking a more permanent studio, and will be working on completing our most recent painted furniture projects with the goal of attending artisan craft shows before the end of the year. We will post further developments in future posts.


Today’s painted furniture photo is a full view of the seat of our Whimsical Wildflower Chair commission. Each of our works of functional art are custom painted to please our clients.


We work closely with each of our clients in order to produce a one of a kind work of functional art.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope everyone who celebrates this day has a happy Thanksgiving! Here at the studio, we’re using our day off to catch up on the photos from our current projects. We will soon have photos for two themes on our site that previously had none, and are very excited about the direction our work is taking. We hope the rest of the year is productive, for ourselves and for everyone!


Website News – 11/21/16

Sorry about the lack of posts – we’ve all been sick with whatever bug has been going around, and this, added to the normal amount of hectic-ness we deal with every day, has slowed me down in my blog posts and elsewhere. We have both been busy working on our current new projects, and we will post new WIP photos in the near future. With the publication of my first novel, there are even more creative projects to complete than before, all while building toward finding a more permanent studio for our endeavors.
We are moving toward a brighter future – and hope to begin attending new artisan craft shows again next year, after a hiatus from attending for quite some time, something made possible by the hard work and creative abilities of my lovely wife, Michelle. We will continue to update our followers on all these changes as things develop further.
Anyone wishing to place orders as Christmas gifts are encouraged to do so now – we cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas for orders placed any later than the 25th.

Until next time –


Website News – 10/17/16

Lately we’ve been working on several new items, and we will have more Work in Progress photos coming soon! We are in the process of upgrading our image and web design software, and will be posting photos on a regular basis once it is installed.
Another long-overdue project I mentioned previously is the skinning of our blog in order to make it match the rest of the site. This has proven to be something of a challenge, and I am working on it whenever I am afforded time. Once our new software is upgraded, I will return to work on that particular goal. It may or may not require a slight reworking of the header graphics of our site. WordPress seems to get a bit tricky when you want to include certain elements, such as image rollovers and menus.
We are also hoping to retrieve some of our tools that have been languishing in storage for the last year or so, and are looking for a more stable place in which to produce our art, and are keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able to move in the near future.

That’s pretty much it for this week – stay tuned for more painted furniture news, projects, and photos coming soon!


Website News – 10/11/16

I had begun working on creating a new look for our blog page, but my software became buggy, and that has put a delay in that particular project. I’ve been trying for some time to be able to create a WordPress theme that matches the rest of the site, and had begun the process when it was interrupted by a nasty software glitch, along with the normal hectic schedule that is the life of an artist and parent who also has a full-time job. Fortunately, I’ve just purchased a new software package, and should have it installed next week. This will allow me to post further progress pictures of our latest painted furniture projects, as well as continue working on various web design projects.
Both the peacock table set and mandala table projects are proceeding nicely. Michelle is doing a wonderful job on her table, and there will be more work in progress pictures coming soon.Be sure to also see our work on DeviantArt.
We have a lot of pictures coming, and more art to come this year, so stay tuned!


Website News – 9/20/16

In addition to our new ongoing painted furniture projects, I am currently attempting to realize another long-delayed goal, the integration of our website template into WordPress. Currently, this blog has a different appearance than the rest of our site, as it uses a template from the WordPress Template Catalog, but I am hoping to write my own theme within the next several weeks, in order to make the transition a seamless viewing experience. Anyone familiar with web design will realize this means writing up new style sheets in order to meet the requirements in WordPress itself, and may even mean a reworking of the site pages to make the stylesheets uniform throughout the site.
At some point in the future, I will also modify the site template in order to make it a fully working WordPress theme. This will not be an easy venture for me, as I have limited time for such projects, but I plan on working toward this goal until it is completed.
So keep watching, and don’t be surprised when our News section changes.