New Studio – At Last!

In the middle of working on the new website revision, things became even more hectic when it became time to move. As those who have been following our site know, I’ve been re-working the Reincarnations blog to more closely match the look of the rest of the site. In doing so, I realized it would be wise to switch the entire site over to WordPress, as it is smiled upon by the Google-gods. I’ve learned a great deal about WordPress since I began, though I know I’ve barely scratched the surface, and have almost completed the styling and design necessary to recreate the entire site.
Due to problems with my ‘real’ job (now former real job), our search for a new home and studio became delayed, and this caused us a great deal of stress and other problems. Once I found new employment, Michelle and I were able to finally find a place with enough room for our family, as well as studio space, something we have been lacking for far too long. Though it exhausted us both physically and monetarily, we were able to complete the move, and will begin to set up our new studio space in the coming weeks. There are big changes coming for Reincarnations, and I hope our followers will continue to enjoy the new works that are coming.

Stay tuned!


Excuse the Mess, Pt 2

As you have probably noticed, this page has been undergoing quite a few changes lately. It has been my wish for some time to make the blog look like the rest of the site, and this led to an unexpected, though necessary, site redesign. The good news is that you can watch the changes as they happen, so enjoy our new look. A new site is coming soon!

Excuse the Mess

I pretty much broke our blog a little while ago, and as is my habit, began to learn everything I could about the software involved. I have decided to revamp the blog in conjunction with the next revision of my website. The studio website has both served as our connection with our clients and lovers of painted furniture, and as a learning platform for yours truly. I will be featuring all of the photos from our old blog in the future, but for now, please excuse the mess as I continue to study what I need to know for the next Reincarnations website revision. It will be well worth the wait!