All the new graphics have been completed, as well as all the catalog, theme, and information pages. All that is left is to code our new contact form, and then the real fun begins – creating all the artwork for the various themes we offer to our clients. This is no easy task, as it will entail painting roughly 70-80 small arteorks, which will then need to be transferred to digital, and uploaded to the server. We have a ways to go, obviously, but we are getting cliser to launching the site I wanted, but never had the time to design. Stay tuned; we are sure you’ll like our new look!

As you may have noticed, there has been a rather steep decline in the number of blog posts from our studio over the course of the last year. Michelle and I were trapped in the living hell that is Ohio, and its excuse for a ‘justice’ system. I was warned by both friends and family that moving to Ohio would be dangerous – recent news articles on both mainstream news and the more reliable alternative news sites have borne this out over time. I was naturally reluctant to believe anywhere in our country could be as bad as they say, and moved there with Michelle with the best of intentions, with the naive thought that we could lie our lives relatively free from interference. After all, we are good, law-abiding people, and as such should have nothing to worry about (because isn’t that what they say?), but Ohio proved us wrong.
Ohio, it’s judges, prosecutors, cops, and lawyers are so corrupt, they make the caricatures of themselves on movies and television appear to be exactly that – caricatures. The real thing is SO much worse.
You know something is wrong when attorneys like Francis Marley tell you, “half of Seneca County is in jail”, and “once they (the cops) get your number, they do everything they can to keep you in the system.”
And, should you disagree with their habit of ignoring due process, and wiping their rears with the Constitution – if, say, for example, you demand the same level of professionalism or common courtesy you would expect ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY, from a clerk or other low-level public servant, well, they just lose it completely, and abuse their profession in order to soothe their suffering butt-holes, going so far as enlisting the aid of their double-digit IQ extortion squad.
Yes, the scars left from the hell that is Ohio were undeserved, and will likely never heal. I was affected permanently both physically and mentally from their abuse, and am looking for legal aid in finding true justice against these wanton criminals and abusers of the law. We were deeply affected financially by a region of the country so poor and lazy, that they have to resort to constant abuse and extortion of its citizens in order to make a buck. A good example of this is the fact that last winter, the town of Tiffin, Ohio refused to repair the pot-holes in its roads, and instead would station its revenue-generators (aka police) around the pot-holes to ticket anyone attempting to avoid damage to their vehicle.
Wow. What a wonderful place to visit! Said no person with a sense of justice, EVER.
Our experiences in Ohio have been so egregious, so damaging, and so insulting to our very being, that we will no longer exhibit in any gallery, nor attend any shows in that state. Frankly, we cannot be paid enough to enter an area with so little regard for freedom, for the basic principles upon which this country was founded, and such a CORRUPT legal system that it resembles something you would find in a poorly-written comic book. We take our freedoms, our rights, and our morals very seriously, and cannot abide the mockery that Ohio makes of them.
Naturally, recovery from such a devastating experience takes time. We have relocated our studio, with the hope that our new location will be more honest, and more accommodating of its citizens. It will be some time before we are back up and running at full speed – Ohio did its best to take every last thing from us, including our dignity, and rebuilding takes resources that are currently in short supply, but we will continue to bring works of functional art to the world for as long as we are able, despite the worst acts of abuse by greedy, corrupt, incompetent, moronic bullies such as Repp, and Keith Loreno, both of whom deserve fates far worse than I am willing to describe in a family-friendly website.
So, yes, we are working on the first redesign of our site in several years, and will be bringing new works and inspiration to our work in the future.
It just won’t be available in Ohio.

More to Come!

We apologize for the recent lack of updates. In working with WAMP server to design our new website revision, I had to change the way my windows server works, and in doing so, locked myself out of my wordpress installations. We hope to correct that issue soon.
In more exciting news, we have completed the initial graphics work on our new revision, which will be the first complete change in the website in over 4 years. Sadly, some of our sections, such as our links pages and our art gallery, will not make the cut due to penalties enacted by Google. We are working to include a better overall viewing experience for our visitors that will make the use of those sections unnecessary, with slideshows that best showcase our talents throughout the site, and better organization to help simplify the many options we offer our clients.
So stay tuned! 2015 will see many new and exciting changes for our studio!

As was promised way back in May, there is a new revision of the Reincarnations website coming. With very few exceptions, the Reincarnations site has been updated regularly, with major revisions coming more or less every year, and other additions and edits being made as they became necessary or as time permitted. This year, however has seen the need for me to really dig in and learn aspects of web design that I had not previously had the temerity tackle. So, as I write this, I am deep into my text for learning PHP and MySQL, and am preparing a major graphical overhaul of the site for the first time in nearly seven years. This will mean a total re-imagining of the site, with new graphics, scripts, updated navigation, and more.
Along with a new template design, database, and navigation, there will also be some structural changes to the site. Google’s seeming determination to penalize commercial sites in favor of those with constantly changing ‘content’, i.e. blogs and social media/sharing sites, it may become necessary to trim the various links pages. Although we have always striven to make our website a family friendly, engaging web experience, changing times, designs, and technologies may force us to take a more commercial, although no less visual, approach. One thing that will not change, however, is the absence of ads, pop-ups, and other clutter that litters today’s web-scape. As artists, we do not feel the need to squeeze every nickel and dime out of our web pages. Yes, we do want to make money, but we’ll do so by creating artwork that makes people happy, not by selling out to advertisers. There’s already too much of THAT in the world as it is, thank you very much.
At this juncture, it may be several months before any real changes show up on our site. In addition to designing and creating the general look of the site, there are new graphics to create, databases to populate, and new templates to design, not to mention learning how to use the appropriate software, something for which I possess the skills and capacity to learn, but have never really had the time. In the end, however, the time will be well spent, as I plan on using the skills I learn in the process in a web designer capacity, while bringing the Reincarnations site more into line with today’s design standards.
So keep watching – there will be many new things to see soon!


Due to the many injustices enacted upon us by the state of Ohio, Michelle and I have set up a new studio in what has turned out to be a much friendlier, more advanced part of the country.
We’re still unpacking, but we plan on having many more additions and changes to both our site, and our art, in the months to come.
As artists, it is important for us to be able to work in a creative environment, something that sadly, Fostoria, and the state of Ohio, cannot provide. Our new location, however, has inspired us greatly, and we cannot wait to get back to our creative endeavors. This has, of course, put us behind in our site revision and other projects, but fear not – the result will be well worth the wait.

Website Revision 2014

Wait, is it that time already?
I suppose it is – time to overhaul the website. This is normal for pretty much all sites, as prices change, new content gets added, and other features are trimmed as they become obsolete. For this year’s revision, this won’t change the site much in terms of overall appearance. Instead, I’ll be working to flatten the site on the server end, which may boost some load times a smidgen, and to work on some other minor improvements, such as removing the counter from the pages (it was a fun indulgence, but its time is truly done), and tweak some of the info and graphics.
Some of this work has already begun. I”ve removed the dead links from the links section, and changed those domains for those links that have moved. I’m hoping this will help during our next crawl by the Google Spiders (curse you google spiders!).
Be on the lookout for more changes in the coming year! 2014 looks to be an exciting one for us!

New Artist in the Family

Welcome the newest artist to join our happy creative family – Savannah Rose. Born Feb. 7th, 2014. 5 lbs. 15 oz, 19 1/2 inches of pure joy!

Our painted furniture photo of the day is a close-up view of the legs of our Woodland Meadow theme, painted on a Colonial style chair. We can paint this and many other themes on any type of wood furniture, making each a treasure that can be enjoyed for years. This theme is available on several types of chairs, and can be ordered here

colonial woodland meadow chair leg detail

Today’s painted furniture photo of the day is the fourth in a series of close-up views of our Woodland Meadow theme, painted on a Colonial style chair. We can paint this and many other themes on any type of wood furniture. This theme is available on several types of chairs, and can be ordered here

colonial woodland meadow chair detail 4

Today’s painted furniture photo of the day is another close-up view of our Woodland Meadow theme. In this photo, the theme was painted on a Colonial style chair. We can paint this theme on any type of wood furniture to create a treasured heirloom that can be enjoyed for generations. This theme is available on several types of chairs, and can be ordered here

colonial woodland meadow chair detail 3