WIP photo of our matching peacock end table set.

Beginning Background Details

Here we begin adding the detail to the branches in the background of the table top images. More photos to follow!

Here are some WIP photos of one of our current projects – matching peacock end tables.

Beginning Background Details>

We’ll be posting more photos of this project as it progresses, so stay tuned!

Today’s painted furniture photo is a detail view of the seat of our Whimsical Wildflower Chair commission. We pride ourselves on creating unique works of functional art that are custom painted to please our clients.

Seat Detail

We create each of our commissioned pieces based on input we receive from our clients in order to produce a one of a kind work of functional art that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Here is another painted furniture photo of the day, featuring the front view of the chair back.

Detail view of the front of the chair back

This chair was a commission from last summer, and illustrates the level of detail we put into all our custom works of painted furniture for our clients.

New Project Update – 8/22

Here is a close-up WIP photo of top of one of our new matching peacock end tables.

Finished Background Color

More pictures will be coming soon!

Here is another work in progress photo of one of our new peacock end table set. Here, I’ve masked off the border so I can start applying the background color.

Adding color to the background

These tables will be available for purchase upon completion. If you wish to purchase these tables, or have a custom work of functional art created for you, simply fill out our Contact Form.

Today’s painted furniture photo of the day is another detail view of the back of our Whimsical Wildflower Chair, showing the front of the chair back.

Detail View of Chair Back – Front Side

More photos of this commission, as well as our newest projects, will be coming soon!


Another progress photo of a new piece of painted furniture from the studio. This set of end tables will feature a peacock theme, and will be available for sale upon completion.

Peacock End Tables with Mirrored Design

This is the first new original, non-commissioned work to be produced in the studio for some time, and hopefully the first of many new works to be taken to local artisan contemporary craft shows. It has been several years since Reincarnations has been on the artisan show circuit, but hope remains strong that we will be able to begin attending them again next year. Of course, we will post dates and locations to any venues in which we will have a booth when the schedule has been finalized.
In order to attend these shows, I will be designing and constructing a new display booth, one of the many details that need to be checked off the list. We’ve had to move several times over the past few years, and were not able to keep up our show schedule as a result. With ay luck, I will be finding a new home for our studio within the next few months, and will be able to make our artwork available in these venues once again.

Hope all our watchers and fans are having a wonderful summer! More pictures to come, so visit us often!


Several new projects are on the way, and I posted photos of the primed pieces earlier this week. Today, I’d like to share some progress photos on both the mandala focal table, and the peacock end table set.

Peacock End Table Layout

Drawing the layout for the bottom shelf of the peacock end table set

Layout and beginning colors for the Mandala Focal Table

I’ve wanted for some time to be able to work on pieces and themes we have available, but have yet to feature examples on our site, and now it’s finally happening! This is only the start – there are plenty more new works of painted furniture to follow!


New Projects Preview

I’ve been promising for some time to give a preview of some new projects, so it was time to post some pictures. These are three new tables that are currently being painted – a round focal table that will feature a mandala theme, and a matching set of end tables that will be painted with colorful peacocks.

primed mandala table

Primed focal table ready for painting

Primed Peacock End Tables

Primed End Table Set for Peacock Theme

I’ll be posting more on these projects as they progress.