Here is our painted furniture photo of the day – leg detail from one of our commissions from this time last year, a whimsical wildflower chair.

New Projects – July 2016

I’ve been working on three new table projects, and will be posting more pictures on their progress soon, in addition to work in progress pictures from our last commission, a whimsical wildflower chair. Now that I have steady employment, there is less time to update our blog, but there will be lots more to come this year, and I will continue to expand our website and available themes.
Speaking of themes, the new tables mentioned earlier, which I just finished priming, will feature two themes that are available through the site, but which have yet to be featured – namely, a mandala table, and a matching pair of peacock end tables, so be sure to visit our blog often!
After many trials and tribulations, Reincarnations is getting nearer to realizing the return to the contemporary craft shows and regular offerings of our unique painted furniture and other creative projects which have made us unique. It is my desire to have a new studio for our work within the next couple months, and to return to the artisan craft show schedule that has been denied to me in the past several years by the end of the year. I’ll be sure to post regular updates as to our progress in these areas.
I hope all our watchers and fans are having a lovely summer!


New Projects Coming Soon

Although I have yet to find a new home for the Reincarnations Studio, I have begun working on several new pieces of painted furniture that will be available for sale later in the summer. These will be focal tables – one single and a matched set – that will feature completely new themes that we have yet to introduce on our website.
Reincarnations has faced numerous challenges throughout the years, but have manage to keep going despite the obstacles imposed by them, and will continue to do so.
It has indeed been a hard year. Between the hardships caused by both the states of Ohio and North Carolina, it has been difficult to continue producing the vision that has set Reincarnations apart from others in our field, but the studio, and the vision, has persevered, and I have learned much during that time. Most of those hardships were caused by a combination of sheer incompetence on the part of these states judicial process, combined with corruption – which, when brought together, is never a pretty picture for the common man. Still, I have managed to rise above these setbacks, and have never lost sight of my long-term goals, both professional and personal. Once the final hoops have been jumped through, I will again be able to focus my creative energies into the studio. So, while 2016 has proven to be a troublesome and costly year, I am determined to make the coming months, as well as 2017, a turning point for my creative endeavors.
So stay tuned – more projects, pictures, and artwork is on its way!


Update – June 2016

The search for a new studio continues. Things did get off to a rocky start this year, due in no small part to the incompetence on the part of North Carolina. I had thought the state would be a good place to set up the studio, but as anyone who had been following the news will know, the government there has a lot to learn in the areas of both law and humanity.
Since that time, however, things have stabilized and improved. I have moved back to Virginia, and now have a more stable base in which to search for a more permanent location in which to house our studio. I have been working on replenishing both art supplies and furniture, and will begin to produce new pieces within the next month. New designs to fill previously unseen themes will be coming to the website soon, barring any further interference by those who have nothing better to do than to create more headaches for hard-working individuals. In this, North Carolina bears a striking resemblance to Ohio, and I will not be spending any more of my money to contribute to the economies of what I have learned are disgraces to this country.
That being said, the rest of this year is becoming more promising all the time. Although Reincarnations does not have a permanent studio, this has never stopped it from producing wonderful works of functional art in the past, and it will not now. Orders for custom painted furniture can still be placed with the assurance they will be produced to the standards that have placed it at the forefront of its medium, always pushing creative boundaries while adhering to the highest standards in both customer service and workmanship.
So fear not, brave fans and followers! There is more art to come!


Sad Start to the New Year

I am extremely saddened to inform our followers and fans that there will some changes to Reincarnations, which will delay the art I had hoped to present soon. I have been forced to re-locate due to circumstances beyond my control, despite my efforts over the last 4 years. I am in the process of looking for a new place to house both myself, and the studio, and hope to find a new location soon.
For now, all I can say, is that the memories of that time will remain with me always, and that I feel our best work was just beginning, before this tragedy occurred. I will continue to paint and produce furniture and artwork in the future, but for the time being, I am unable to check our email. If you have contacted us with any inquiries, I will respond to them as soon as my computer is set up again.

Bless you all, and may you have a better 2016 than this has turned out to be for me.


And to my little Savannah, I will be thinking of nothing but you.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays and wishes for a joyous New Year from Reincarnations!

We hope our enlightened fans and friends will extend those good wishes to all on the planet, whether they are in need, or homeless, or oppressed, or wrongfully convicted of revenue-generating b.s. laws created by the corruption we see surrounding us every day.
And if possible, help those less fortunate than you.
You can start by voting for Bernie Sanders this coming year.
Let’s put an end to the hate and fear-mongering produced by licensed hate/terrorist groups like Faux News.
Let’s put a corrupt civil servant behind bars, and free an innocent person convicted of revenue-generating/politically motivated b.s.
Let’s make a country where greedy, corrupt, ignorant, hateful, vile, wastes of human genetics like Donald Trump, Dean Henry, Mark Repp, and every single one of their ilk are given the mental health care they so desperately need, and where enlightened, intelligent, sensible human beings are ACTUALLY FREE.

A few thoughts for the New Year.


Holiday Deadline

It’s time for our annual holiday reminder that in order to guarantee delivery by December 25, any orders for our custom painted furniture must be placed by November 25.
Painted furniture is a gift that can last for generations, and is the perfect gift for the young and the young at heart. Our custom pieces add color and whimsy to just about any decor, and is as functional as it is beautiful.
Make sure you order your perfect gift of a Reincarnations painted furniture creation today!

A New Look

Michelle and I are happy to present our new look for Reincarnations. I think our site finally looks like it belongs in the current century. There is still the issue of our blog, and we will be attending to that shortly. In the meantime, we’ll be creating a bunch of new theme examples, and working on other creative projects, including a makeover for Michael’s writing site.
We felt sad to let go of our links section, but the Google Overlords apparently look down on providing links to sites you find interesting. We are sad to see them go, but will continue to promote those businesses and artists in other ways. We also discontinued our photo gallery, and made most of the pages in our site mini-galleries to showcase our art. The photographs in our galleries will be moved over to a new site dedicated to our photography in the future. We’ll be sure to let you know when that site is finished.
In short, there have been a lot of changes, and although our work isn’t entirely done yet, the most difficult part of the site revision is behind us. Be sure to stay tuned, because there are lots of fun changes ahead!

Until then,


Greetings all!
This will likely be our last post under our old design I’ve been working hard these last few months to re-code our pages into a nice series of slideshows, as well as other improvements. AS I stated in earlier updates, certain tings will be going away – older web technologies and widgets, like the page counters, have been eliminated due to maintenance difficulties, or from plain old obsolescence. Alas, this means the art galleries and guestbook sections, as well as our links section, will be going away. The Google Gods have spoken, and it’s time we put our website into the current century.
The blog theme will not change, at least not for awhile. I hope to eventually be able to skin our blog with our own custom graphics, but the demands on my time are great, and I’ll get to it when I can.
As some will notice, we are slowly filling in the missing theme examples. I had hoped to paint all the themes for inclusion by the time we re-launched, but again, the time it would take to paint over 50 examples makes that goal a bit unrealistic. So, we’ve decided to go ahead with the revision update, and will continue to add to the site as we create new works and themes.
Of course, we are hoping for a smooth transition, but the chance exists that the site may experience some issues for awhile. Any new coding has its share of bugs, and although I have tested the new layout extensively, don’t be alarmed if there are some glitches; rest assured we will be back online soon.
So folks, be sure to update your bookmarks, as these will surely be broken after we switch over to the new design, and continue to visit us often. Exciting things are happening at the Reincarnations Studio!
Until next time,


All the new graphics have been completed, as well as all the catalog, theme, and information pages. All that is left is to code our new contact form, and then the real fun begins – creating all the artwork for the various themes we offer to our clients. This is no easy task, as it will entail painting roughly 70-80 small arteorks, which will then need to be transferred to digital, and uploaded to the server. We have a ways to go, obviously, but we are getting cliser to launching the site I wanted, but never had the time to design. Stay tuned; we are sure you’ll like our new look!