Website News – August 14, 2017

There hasn’t been much to see in the way of blog design changes since our last post.  Our work schedules, along with our recent move to our new home and studio (along with our little three year old princess) has kept us busy, but there has been a good deal of preparation in the graphics and photography that will populate the site upon its relaunch.

One of the design hurdles we have yet to leap is the difficulty Safari seems to have in displaying Google fonts.  Those viewing our site on that browser are missing out on a good deal of the design and graphic work that has been put into the site to date.  This is apparently a design issue faced by those taking advantage of the Google font repository.  I’m sure that with enough time and research, I will find a way around the coding flaws present in Safari.

So stay tuned – there are plenty of changes to come!



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