painted room divider screens

Our folding room divider screens are both useful and decorative, serving to set off portions of a room, or to provide privacy in amall spaces. Each style is unique to Reincarnations, and are designed and built by our artists in our home studio. Like all of our work, each is a one of a kind creation, built and painted to our client's specifications.

Typically, these folding screens are approximately 5 feet high, and can be up to 9 feet long when completely unfolded. These wide, flat spaces are perfect for our many themes, and can be painted to match any decor. Our customers are free to create their own designs as well - if it can be imagined, we can turn it into reality.

Keep watching this, and the other sections of our site, as we add more designs and themes. For more information, or to order our dressers, or any of our painted furniture, simply submit our Contact Form.

Due their large size and weight, these pieces have special shipping requirements. For more information on shipping or delivery, please visit our Info section.

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