Earth, Air, Fire, and Water have been conidered the classic elements of nature by many ancient philosophies and disciplines. Ancient cultures understood that these elements acted in harmony with one another to produce their material world, and gave respect to those processes in many different ways. We honor those timeless traditions with out Elements theme, which showcaeses visionary representations of the classical elements differently, depending on the type of furniture being painted. The interastion between these elements may be expressed in a wheel-like motif on larger pieces, as different patterns on various sections of the pieces, or anything in between.

Our Elements theme uses both bold, rich colors, and lighter tints, with greens and browns for the earth, sky and cerulean blue for sky, deep aquas blending to purple, deep reds to burning yellows and oranges - all these and more can appear in this theme.

To browse the examples we have in this theme, click the arrow buttons, or click on the green square (refresh your browser if there are no squares below the slideshow, or if the images appear too large for the frame). If you wish to order one of our custom painted works of functional art, or to inquire for more information on this theme, or any of our works of functional art, simply submit our Contact Form.

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