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Busy Times


Things have been rather busy lately; I now work ten hour days in my ‘real job’, and am then rushing to work on finishing a side job in order to level the financial hole I went into during my recent job change.I spent the Memorial Day weekend putting down about 1000 sq ft. of flooring, and am working to finish the job before my little one comes to visit. In between these jobs and sleep, I’ve managed to complete an audio recording of my second novel, as well as our second video for Youtube. Our new painted furniture channel can be found here.
I will be making more videos soon, depending on our impending change of studio, which should be happening within the next few months, so visit us soon. More changes are coming soon!

Until Next Time,


New Painted Furniture Video


I apologize for the lateness of this post; my already hectic schedule has doubled down, and just about every minute of my day is now filled with one project or another. I have begun work on our second video, which will be the first in a series detailing the many themes found on our site, and should be able to release it by the end of the week. I know four weeks between videos is somewhat disappointing, but I have many other duties and responsibilities, and have to schedule my time as best I can. It may take a short time, but I believe I will be able to post on a more regular basis within the next couple months.
In the meantime, be sure to stop by our video channel on YouTube. We have several painted furniture projects to complete in the coming months, and I cannot wait to share them with you.

Until Next Time,

YouTube Painted Furniture Channel


We have established our painted furniture channel on YouTube with the release of our first video. Our second video will feature the beginning of a new project: a spring meadow dining table and chair set. We have recorded the first section, and will be recording the next segment during the last weekend in March. We will be doing a variety of projects in the future, so be sure to check us out. Of course, we will be posting our step by step photos and portfolio examples as these new projects are completed.
It will take some time before we can establish a regular posting schedule for our videos; daily life has a way of springing its share of surprises lately, and we are looking to find a new studio within the next few months. Meanwhile, however, we will continue to do our best to bring new segments (I’m not a fan of the word ‘content’) to the best of my ability. We hope you will tune in and enjoy.

Until next time,


Coming Soon…

…to a screen near you!


My daughter and I have recorded our first video for YouTube! I have started the Reincarnations Painted Furniture channel on that site, and will be creating content for it on a regular basis going forward. Of course, this will not be a professional production – I don’t have assistants and producers, or even a cameraman, other than myself, so it is certain the videos may lack a certain polish, but what it lacks in bells and whistles will be more than compensated for in terms of material. My daughter will be learning to create painted furniture in the Reincarnations style, and we will be sharing her artistic journey, along with tips, demos, and complete projects. It will most definitely be a home-grown project, but I hope those with interest in our work will join us. It is not my purpose to ever monetize the channel; we just want to share our passion to a wider audience. With luck, we will be able to eventually move to a larger studio, but we will always strive to keep our channel personal and fun. I will publish a link to our channel when I complete the editing process. I realize we are a bit slow to utilize the technology at our disposal, but those who know us know the reasons behind such a slow delay, one I hope we can put behind us once we begin posting regular videos.

Until then,


Website & Art News, 2-1-24


It has been a busy last few months, and the momentum has no signs of slowing any time in the near future,  This is a good thing, as it means the healing process from the disastrous marriage I suffered through has definitively begun.

There are a good many changes on the horizon for all my creative endeavors, all of them positive, and all designed to reclaim our former place on the major search engine, and spread our message of positively creativity to the world at large. The only issue will be if I can summon the energy to keep up with all the many tasks required of me.  With the acquisition of a new job, however, the chances are this will be easier than originally anticipated, as my new position is not as physically draining as my last.

One of the major projects currently on my to-do list is the long awaited overhaul of our website.  For this website revision, I will not be changing the graphics or color, but will instead attempt to optimize out website for mobile devices, and will incorporate a new slider and design to showcase our many artworks on these devices.

More changes are on the way, and I will announce them as they are closer to being made into reality. I can say I am working on some ideas to increase the exposure of the site and our art to the public, and am excited at the prospect.  I will have more announcements on this in the near future, so visit us often!

Until Next Time-


A Busy Year Ahead

Welcome back!

2024 is looking like it is going to be a busy year.  We are working on a new theme, the first in some time, and a batch of new pieces just waiting to be given a new life.  There are many things being tossed around in relation to our future (and not just about how the world seems to be falling apart).  There may be some exciting news to report in the near future, but I want to work more on these ideas before announcing them officially.
In the meantime, I have added a work around to our contact page until I can edit my site remotely to set up an auto-mailer to our site for future orders.  I will be working to improve our site in the near future.  There are many other projects vying for our time, but we will be sure to let everyone know when the new work on the site is complete.  We have been around for many years, and have no plans on giving up on our artistic dreams any time in the near future.

So, be sure to check in on us from time to time…there is much more to come.


Long Time No See

Greetings everyone!

I know it’s been forever since I’ve updated this section, and many if not all of our fans will likely think I’ve given up on the whole painted furniture thing.  NOT SO!  I’ve just been so busy working on various projects, my writing, recording for Audible, and taking care of my little one, that I have had little time to devote to my sites, and thus, they have suffered.  I’m working to reverse that, and will continue to update the site in the near future.

This absence has not been made any easier by the fact I do not currently have my own direct internet access, other than my phones hotspot, which is almost unusable when working on website, nor the Great Disk Disaster of 2023 (another story I’ll post later).  I am well aware of the problems with the current version of the site, and will be working to correct them.  The contact page never worked correct.y, and that will be my first priority.  I have also never been satisfied with the image display on the current site, especially when it applies to mobile devices, and I’ll be working to correct that as well, which means, you guessed it, another site revision.


While doing all this, I am working to prepare studio space in order to produce some more exciting works in the near future.  Yes, this means my schedule will be fuller than ever, but an artist’s gotta do what an artist’s gotta do.

In the meantime, I won’t be going anywhere,  Reincarnations is here to stay.

More coming soon, I promise.


News – May 2022

Greetings all!

Believe it or not, I’m still here!  I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I updated our journal.  Or, maybe I can.  I’ve been working for some time to restore my studio, and each time I think I have finally achieved my goal, life found a way to pull the rug from under my feet.

Case in point: for the last two plus years, I was working as a property manager in addition to other handyman/artisan work in order to make my bills and pay for the court ordered ransom to my former abuser (another story).  The former paid my rent while the latter paid for my other expenses.  This went will until the building was sold, and the new owners proceeded to abuse my work ethic, not only creating a hostile work environment, which includes my home, but also to harass me verbally and in writing, what we call libel in legal circles.  Now I have to address that issue in the one place sure to trigger my PTSD – a courtroom.

On the upside, I now have room to create more new pieces, as my new job is in a wood shop, where I can make many of the planned pieces and themes that have yet to see the light of day.

Also, it has been brought to my attention our contact form may not be functioning properly. I am still taking orders, and can be reached at: <a href=””></a> until such time the contact form is working.

Until next time…


News – January 2021


I apologize for the lack of posts – the holidays took their toll, and I have been busy of late.  There are indeed more new works coming in the future, and I will post them as they become available, including a piece by an associate artist in a currently empty theme.  It is still a challenge to paint these days, as our studio space is limited, but I am committed to producing as many creative projects in 2021 as I can.  Keep watching our blog, and our Facebook page for more developments!

Until Next time,