This section of the Reincarnations - Hand Painted Furniture & Other Artistic Creations site anseers some of the most frequently asked questions received about our artwork and our website. Should you have any questions not covered by this section, please feel free to visit our Contact Page.

Q: Are your pieces available as unpainted or unfinished items?

A: All of our work is sold as finished, painted artworks. While we do purchase unfinished furniture on occasion from vendors for our clients, we do not resell these items unfinished. Those wishing to purchase these pieces stained or unfinished, should contact the supplier directly.

Q: Are all the pieces shown on the site available?

A: The pieces shown on our webstie serve as a gallery of the styles of furniture and themes avaialble for commissioned work. Availablity of furniture not created in our studio may vary. The painted furniture and Decor Items are made or painted to order as applicable.
Other work shown on the site is displayed to show the range of themes and styles available from our studio. We can custom paint any piece of furniture with any of the styles seen on our site, as well as just about anything else that can be imagined.

Q: If all your pieces are unique, how can we order what we see?

A: Items featured in the Painted Furniture and Decor sections of our catalog are presented to give examples of what is possible, and a price estimate for a similar piece. The customer selects a piece of furniture from the list of available pieces, selects a theme or describes a personal motif, and we hand paint the theme shown on the selected piece. In this way, no two works are ever exactly alike.

Q: Do you have a catalog?

A: We believe in recyling, preservation and conservation of our natural resources wherever possible, and thus we use our site as our online catalog and portfolio.

Q: Do you sell to galleries?

A: We have been exhibited in NICHE Award-winning galleries and those specializing in contemporary crafts. We do sell to discerning contemporary craft galleries, but we do not exhibit on consignment. Interested parties should use our Contact Page for more information.

Q: What happened to the paypal options on your site?

A: At this time, we have removed the 'buy it now' options from our site. We also feel the such options create a barrier between the artist and client, and thus have geared our site to promote a better overall experience.

Q: What is the delivery time on your pieces?

A: We ask to allow a minimum of 8 - 10 weeks for delivery. Small pieces usually take less time, while larger pieces may take longer. Each piece is unique, and completion time may vary. We keep in close contact with all our clients, and give them regular progress updates. We are artists, not a factory, and those wishing to order our unique work should plan to order early to ensure the best possible results.

Q: Is your custom work more expensive?

A: Each piece is unique and is priced individually, in a range comparable to similar pieces. Some work is atypical of the work shown here, and is priced accordingly.

Q: Where can I find your work?

A: Our work is currently only available through this website. Information on current artisan shows and galleries carrying our work will be found in our blog

Q: Do you attend artisan shows?

A: Yes. We have attended high level artisan shows since we began our artistic journey, and plan to continue attending live events. We will publish any future exhibit and event information on our blog.

Q: Do you do consignment with galleries?

A: At one time, we were happy to do consignment with certain galleries, but have since ended this practice. Galleries are still free to purchase from us, however.

Q: Do you accept other artists work, or are you hiring?

A: At this time, we are only exhibiting and selling our work. We hope to be able to expand in the future in a way as to inlude a number of furniture artists and other craftsmen into the fold of Reincarnations, and offer the whimsy and cheer these pieces bring from more sources, but we are limited at this time due to the many hurdles, legal and otherwise, that face us. We will post any news regarding the progress of these plans on our blog.

Q: What happened to your links section?

A: In a word - Google. Our website has always been as much about providing a full, entertaining web experience as it was promoting our work, but when the largest search engine decides to give better rankings to blogs and photo-sharing media sites for keywords, rather than entire sites built around them, it became necessary to remove the sections in order to retain visibility on the web.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept checks, money orders, and Cashapp at this time