Setbacks and Heartbreak pt. 2

There are setbacks, and then there are setbacks. All of us face crisis; mine seem to come every couple of years, but never have I faced the intensity, the sheer gravity, of so many crisis-level stress-inducing events happening at the same time before. Nor have I ever had to deal with someone so determined to make my life the opposite of what I wanted it to be before.hence the gap in posts. I am back, however, and have added the first new page to the site in awhile. I will continue to produce whatever art I can, and to update the site content, as best I can as I once again deal with pitfalls of life. Meanwhile, the search for a new studio continues. I have added the first new content to the site in over a year. Bonus points will be given if you can guess where – just kidding. There is no points. But our Murals page looks great!

Until Next Time,


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