Setbacks and Heartbreaks

Just when I thought I had found us a new home and studio, when I thought everything was going to finally settle down and I could get back to work, when I thought I would finally manage to enjoy the fruits of my 60-70 hour work weeks (i.e. a stable home for my wife and little girl), I was dealt yet another blow.
Those familiar with my life know that it has been turbulent. I have had to give up several homes due to personal difficulties involving my relationship with my wife and one-time Reincarnations artist, Michelle, and this has happened yet again. I will spare my watchers the details, although I can say that it is now apparent that the former and present turmoil is a pattern of behavior of which I have been a victim for the past six years, a pattern that has included intense emotional abuse that culminated on more than one occasion in the loss of my home and being separated from my precious little girl.
At this point in time, my entire future, as well as my daughter’s, is uncertain. I have been struggling for the last six years to restore some sort of stability into my life, and secure a future for myself and those I care for, and this has once again been thrown into chaos. I will do my best to keep updating the status of my artistic endeavors, despite what life has chosen to throw at me.
It is my hope that I can secure a brighter future for both myself and my little one, but beyond that, I have no idea what the future may have in store. I ask for your prayers and good wishes going forward, and hope that I can finally break free of the troubles that have plagued me for nearly a decade.
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