Website Update 2 – July 2020


Well, the site finally has all the galleries installed, despite fighting against the new WordPress update messing things up, and the constant stress of dealing with a corrupt Domestic Relations system in Virginia, a problem that is apparently widespread not only in this country, but in many places around the world.  Fortunately, I’ve managed to survive so far – although I do now suffer from additional health issues as a result, including permanent nerve damage, as a direct result of the bias and corruption within that horrible mess they dare to call a ‘justice system’.  Still, I have never given up on my dream, and will continue to create new works, and produce the best hand painted furniture for my clients seen anywhere.

New works are on the way, as well as new additions to the galleries of old works, as I have finally managed to reclaim most of the possessions I was forced to leave in storage, including my print portfolio, which I had thought was lost…so lots of new stuff coming!

Until next time…


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