Working Them Angels


Looks like another couple weeks slipped by without an update. This is sadly unavoidable; I am but one person, doing the work of several (a condition with which I have become sadly familiar). In addition to a full time physical job, I am in the process of moving to a new home studio (another condition with which I am uncomfortably familiar), another task that normally requires more than one person , as I have enough to fill a 30 ft storage unit to the brim, all of which I will be moving by hand to a second floor unit.
There are few things I hate more than moving (although that list is picking up new items with increasing rapidity). The physical strain is not something I am looking forward to – seventy two hours of additional labor on top of the normal forty I put in on a weekly basis. Fortunately, I have both the tenacity of honey badger and the pain tolerance of Wolverine. The job will be done. I’ll likely feel the effects with every movement for several weeks afterward, but the results will be worth it. It is a trying, difficult, physically demanding time, but I’ve been working them angels for years, and one more flight is more than worth the effort.
I will post more news and possibly photos when our new studio is up and running. There is plenty more art and videos on the way, so stay tuned!

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