About Us

hand painted peacock table work in progress

Our Mission

Reincarnations was created in 1985 with the goal of creating fun, functional art for fun people. Michael and Kali would rescue damaged or abandoned furniture and give it a new life as a work of whimsical art, which would then bring a splash of color and a sense of happiness to its new home. Today, our mission remains unchanged as we create new works of hand painted furniture from both new and vintage furniture, as well as custom decor works and hand painted murals

The Artists

Michael Vain

Reincarnations was created by Michael Vain as a vehicle for his creative talents, and as a way to earn extra income while raising two daughters on his own. Originally conceived as a means to give old, discarded furniture a new life, Reincarnations has shown works of painted furniture in prestigious galleries across the country, and has exhibited at juried contemporary craft exhibitions. Today, Michael continues to produce some of the most unique painted furniture and contemporary craft items found anywhere.


Michelle Vain

Michelle Rose met Michael in 2009, and joined him in his artistic pursuits in 2010, bringing her own unique vision and energy to their creative works. Michael and Michelle were married in 2014. Michelle helped create some of their most detailed and beautiful works for the next several years.
She left Reincarnations in 2017.

Kali Cornelis

Kali, along with Michael, was one of the founding artists of Reincarnations. Her whimsical style helped establish Reincarnations as a source of unique painted furniture. She left her partnership with Michael in 2004, and continued to create artwork until she passed away in 2017.