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All information provided to us is kept in strictest confidence. We do not sell any information or mailing lists to any public or private agencies. Any information provided to third party vendors, such as Cafepress or Paypal, are subject to the third-party vendor's privacy policies. Reincarnations - Hand Painted FUrniture & Other Artistic Creations believes in the rights and privacy of all individuals, and will take whatever steps are necessary to protect those rights.
We are a professional website, and we do not collect personally identifiable information from individual users under the age of thirteen ( 13 ) years without parental or guardian consent. All payments made through our website through any form or email must be made by, or approved by, parents or legal guardians. Proof of identity may be required for purchases, simply to verify the age of the customer.
Disclaimer: Actually, since we are artists, this isn't something we should even have to say, but that's what you get when the lawyers start running the world, eh?



"Reincarnations", "Mini-Armoires", "Dream Dimensions", "Soulful Reflections", and "Fun Furniture for Fun People" are the property of Michael Vain and Reincarnations, All Rights Reserved.
All content, including artwork, product designs, logos, graphics, and photography, shown on this site is the copyrighted property of Michael Vain and Reincarnations, and may not be reproduced by any means for profit, or with the intention of producing artwork in our style, or for use in any means by which a fee is charged for either goods or services.
Animated gifs, such as those used for awards, are the property of their respective owners.
All scripts used are subject to the individual copyrights, and are used under the license provided by the authors.
Reincarnations - Hand Painted Furniture & Other Artistic Creatinns believes in the support and enforcement of all laws regarding protection of intellectual property. We will vigorously investigate all cases of copyright infringement of our material and will prosecute all such cases to the fullest extent of the law. Not to be mean, folks, but artists need to protect their work.