Ordering and Payment

For our Hand Painted furniture, custom work and murals, we accept checks, money orders, and Cashapp. A minimum deposit of 50% of the total estimate is due before the beginning of any custom work. Remaining balance, including any shipping and handling, is remitted at completion of order prior to shipment. All shipping and insureance charges are the responsibilty of the buyer. Unfinished furniture not produced in our studio may need to be ordered from the manufacturer, and that can add to the completion time by up to an additional four weeks.

As all of our hand painted furniture are unique works, and dependent upon feedback from our clients, each is priced separately. Simply flil out our Contact Form and an estimate can be custom-tailored for you.

Decor items, like our hand painted furniture, are all made to order, and inquiries for prices and orders can be made using our Contact Form.

Completion Times

As with any type of creative work, completion times for our functional art pieces vary, based on type of item, size, and type of artwork. We ask for a minimum of 4 weeks delivery times on most items, although larger pieces, auch as painted dressers and armoires, and custom-built furniture, can take longer.

How It Works

After using the Contact Form and all items and themes have been selected, and deposits (for large pieces) or order totals (for decor items) paid, we begin the process of creating our unique works of functional art. In almost all cases, the process is similar:

Stage One
Piece Selection/Priming
Stage Two
Base Coating
Stage Three
Shipping Info

Due to the unique nature of our work, and constantly changing fuel costs, our painted furniture and other large items will be shipped by UPS or FEDEX ground when possible, but will often need to be shipped by frieght. In some cases, the shipping costs can be well over $100 per piece. We do our best to keep shipping costs down, but shipping costs for larger pieces, such as dressers, can vary greatly, and will be calculated on an individual basis. Items are shipped by ground freight when necessary, and smaller items can be shipped through parcel carriers such as USPS, FedEx, and DHL. This fee will include any applicable shipping insurance on all furniture items, which is carried on all shipments.

Typical Shipping Charges
Large furniture items, such as dressers, armoires, dining tables, and prntries, require crating, and can only be shipped by freight. Due to these special requirements, shipping charges for these large items can run $500 or more. Delivery is available within a limited area for substantially less. Contact Us for more information.
Small furniture items such as chairs and nightstands can be shipped via USPS freight, Fedex, and UPS. Charges are based on dimensional weight and distance. These charges can vary greatly, often from $75 to $125 in some cases.
These items are typically shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground, or USPS when possible. Rates can vary from as little as $8 for small items, to over $50 for larger pieces such as mirrors. Contact Us for details.