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Painted Furniture Video #2


Our second Painted Furniture video is now available for viewing on YouTube! This new video is the first to concentrate on the many themes available from our studio. The Sea Life theme is one of our most requested, and can now be viewed here: Sea Life Theme
Our Sea Life theme can also be found on the Reincarnations Painted furniture website here.
We are going to feature current and future projects on our channel, but due to the lengthy turnaround time for such pieces, we well also be producing supplemental videos, such as our latest, to showcase our previous works as well. Little Savannah, an aspiring artist in her own right, will be joining our studio, and we will be sharing her artistic journey as well in our upcoming projects. This will give our viewers a birds-eye view of our artistic process as we create new works of functional art.
I hope you will join us.

Until Next Time,


New Painted Furniture Coming Soon

Hello everyone!

Things have been busy of late, as I have been preparing for a new painted furniture project I am looking to begin at the beginning of March – this weekend, as a matter of fact. I cannot yet disclose much more at this point, as I want to have something concrete to show for my efforts. More, this will be an ongoing project that may last for some time, and will involve the creation of the first new works of painted furniture in some time.
The main reason I am hesitant to divulge too much at the present is the simple fact of how much this will add to an already crowded schedule. I am looking to move closer to my day job, while working on two blogs, revising a website, and recording my written works for Audible. To be honest, I just want to make sure I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew, a frequent character flaw for an Aries, and for me in particular. So far, I’ve managed to keep everything on schedule, but despite the excitement I feel, it is better to be safe than sorry.
I’ll make sure to post more as this latest project develops.

Until next time

A Work in Progress, Pt. 3

I am still working on our newest website revision – the theme pages are now completed, and the furniture types are being completed as quickly as possible. The info section and individual galleries fo our painted furniture pieces will follow as time allows. Working within the confines of WordPress is much slower than coding by hand, and this, combined with a six-day work week, has caused the completion date for the site to extend into the early part of 2018. When completed, we hope that the utilization of the blogging platform will advance our ranking for Google, and restore us to the first page of results for our search keywords, which we enjoyed for a number of years before Google apparently sold their souls, and gave our normal ranking to blog sites and single articles that had little or nothing to offer in terms of actual painted furniture.
There are still some key galleries and features yet to come, not the least of which is our contact form, which we will have up and running as soon as possible. So check back often for the latest developments and additions.
Until next time..