Monthly Archives: December 2023

Back to Work

Greetings, Everyone!

After not having updated our blog for a year, I have to be honest and say I do not even really know if our fans still follow us.  Life has been a hectic mess for a while, and it has taken considerable work to make things stable again, and the effort has left little energy or time to devote to artistic projects.  I am not one to give up, however, and have remained dedicated to the artistic vision which began all those many years ago when I began this site.

I have been putting more emphasis on the writing side lately, and have completed two additional novels since the last website update and additions to our painted furniture portfolio.  Writing takes considerably less set-up and space than my painting, and it was the best way to maintain my creativity during the stress of moving and beginning a new day job.  The time has come (more like way overdue) for another website revision, as well as producing some new artwork.  I have several pieces ready to be transformed, and will be introducing at least one new theme to our portfolio in the coming months.

Another casualty during my long hiatus was our contact form.  There are some particularities when working with WordPress and forms, and it will take me a bit to get that worked out.  In the meantime, I have included a mail link on our contact page.  It’s not a perfect solution, but it will at least provide a means of contact until I can make the necessary programming changes necessary to make the mail system functional.

Promotion has also been a weak point of mine, but I am working to change that, for both my writing and art sites.  I feel it’s about time that I make my creative endeavors my main career focus, and the only way to achieve that is to put in the effort.

So, if you are a newcomer to our site, then welcome, and if you are a returning fan, rest assured there is a lot more to come in the future.

Until then, be kind to yourself and others.