Returning to Form


Well, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, I have returned to regular updates to the Reincarnations Painted Furniture website and blog. It has been a long, slow recovery from the damage done by my ex (and my stupidity in believing any of the b.s. in the first place), but the worst of the damage is past, and the return to form has been long in coming, but I am finally making headway. As some may have noticed, I’ve trimmed the site of all its fat, and will addressing the two remaining problems soon. This will include a reworking of our contact page, as well as a different approach to displaying the galleries of various painted furniture and other artworks we have created.
Also, we will be launching a new (to us) promotional endeavor I think people will respond to in a positive way. More news on that soon.
So, yes, there are many more changes to come, and despite the amount of work involved, I am excited to begin this new undertaking. I let the site languish for far too long, and have begun to put the necessary energy back into my creative endeavors.
All in all, it’s about time.

Until Next Time,


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