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Update: January 2024

Hello again!

As I stated in my latest posts, there are going to be some exciting changes coming to Reincarnations this year, which promises to be the busiest for me in some time,  I have started a new day job, which should allow me more time and considerably more energy to devote to my artistic passions.  Within the next few months, I am hoping to move, and this will be the second to last move I have to make.  I should be able to set up a more permanent studio.  I am working to create space for the painting of several new projects in the near future, along with a new campaign to widen our audience, a development I will be announcing with more details when it is closer to realization.  This is in preparation for a slew of new pieces that will be completed this year.  Along with new planned revisions to the website, it is the goal to reclaim Reincarnations position in the search engines and among our peers in the world of contemporary artisan crafts.

It’s going to be an exciting year, and I hope you will join us for our continuing adventure.

Until next time,


A Busy Year Ahead

Welcome back!

2024 is looking like it is going to be a busy year.  We are working on a new theme, the first in some time, and a batch of new pieces just waiting to be given a new life.  There are many things being tossed around in relation to our future (and not just about how the world seems to be falling apart).  There may be some exciting news to report in the near future, but I want to work more on these ideas before announcing them officially.
In the meantime, I have added a work around to our contact page until I can edit my site remotely to set up an auto-mailer to our site for future orders.  I will be working to improve our site in the near future.  There are many other projects vying for our time, but we will be sure to let everyone know when the new work on the site is complete.  We have been around for many years, and have no plans on giving up on our artistic dreams any time in the near future.

So, be sure to check in on us from time to time…there is much more to come.