Painted Furniture Video #2


Our second Painted Furniture video is now available for viewing on YouTube! This new video is the first to concentrate on the many themes available from our studio. The Sea Life theme is one of our most requested, and can now be viewed here: Sea Life Theme
Our Sea Life theme can also be found on the Reincarnations Painted furniture website here.
We are going to feature current and future projects on our channel, but due to the lengthy turnaround time for such pieces, we well also be producing supplemental videos, such as our latest, to showcase our previous works as well. Little Savannah, an aspiring artist in her own right, will be joining our studio, and we will be sharing her artistic journey as well in our upcoming projects. This will give our viewers a birds-eye view of our artistic process as we create new works of functional art.
I hope you will join us.

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