Daily Archives: March 11, 2024

Coming Soon…

…to a screen near you!


My daughter and I have recorded our first video for YouTube! I have started the Reincarnations Painted Furniture channel on that site, and will be creating content for it on a regular basis going forward. Of course, this will not be a professional production – I don’t have assistants and producers, or even a cameraman, other than myself, so it is certain the videos may lack a certain polish, but what it lacks in bells and whistles will be more than compensated for in terms of material. My daughter will be learning to create painted furniture in the Reincarnations style, and we will be sharing her artistic journey, along with tips, demos, and complete projects. It will most definitely be a home-grown project, but I hope those with interest in our work will join us. It is not my purpose to ever monetize the channel; we just want to share our passion to a wider audience. With luck, we will be able to eventually move to a larger studio, but we will always strive to keep our channel personal and fun. I will publish a link to our channel when I complete the editing process. I realize we are a bit slow to utilize the technology at our disposal, but those who know us know the reasons behind such a slow delay, one I hope we can put behind us once we begin posting regular videos.

Until then,