Website Update Feb. 2024


I have spent a good amount of time over the last two weeks or so working on various aspects of our website, starting with the SEO for the site itself. After some thought, I realized also the site was bloated with themes that, while planned, have not yet been painted, and thus were taking up valuable space. There are new themes and designs coming this year, and those pages will be added as the new pieces are completed.
The next step in this year’s revision is to rework the gallery sections, although that will take some time to complete; there are over a hundred pieces in our portfolio, and I will need to rework them all in order to present them better on mobile platforms.
We are also just a few weeks away from a new announcement regarding our work, and will share the news when the plans have been finalized. It’s going to be a busy year, and I hope you will visit us often to see the changes.

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