Website Update: Feb. 2024


Looking over the data for my site, I discovered to little surprise it has been 4 years since I have done any serious updates to the Reincarnations site.  A good amount of that time was spent dealing with the devastating consequences of allowing myself to be drawn into a relationship with someone possessing a serious and dangerous personality disorder.  These effects were severe, from financial to emotional to physical damage.  I have managed to surmount most of these, though some of the latter two effects will last me for life, and have begun the healing process.  Part of getting back to the person I was and need to be is my need to create, which is why I have begun revamping the site in preparation for the new hand painted furniture projects I have planned for the coming year.

I have already begun making some small changes designed to boost the SEO rankings for Reincarnations – Hand Painted Furniture & Other Artistic Creations.  This site was once on the front page of everyone’s favorite surveillance tool/search engine, but after the change in the algorithm, we were buried under tons of sponsored results.  Even this small change requires a good number of hours, inserting information where it is needed.  One example is the alt description for images.  There are over 800 images used on our site, and it is necessary to edit them all.  And that is just one item on the list.

The changes planned for this site going forward are fairly extensive, and will take some time to implement, but I feel the result will be well worth the effort.  I hope you will join us as we begin anew our artistic journey.

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